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a david letterman approach to lab safety - (Jul/16/2010 )

A David Letterman Approach to Lab Safety

10. There are no approved laboratory safety sandals yet.

9. Extra goggles may be issued to laboratory personnel who feel they need additional eye protection on the tops of their heads.

8. Young women must wear long pants to prevent distracting male laboratory personnel.

7. Sitting on the lab bench may cause you to get another acid hole.

6. To prevent pressure surges in laboratory tubing, remember: The flow is from the male connector.

5. When assisting someone at the emergency eyewash, donít worry about
messing up the hair.

4. Hot glassware looks like cold glassware.

3. Sometimes lab coats get hot; get used to it; lifeís not fair.

2. Sometimes chemicals stink; thatís the way it is; thatís what fume hoods
are for.

1. HCN smells like almonds- thatís what I heard, trust me on this one.

Eric Clark, MS, CCHO, CHMM
Safety and Compliance Officer
Los Angeles County
Public Health Laboratory




HCN smells like bitter almonds to be more precise :lol:


Thats the great one mdfenko. HAHAHAHA....


I used to enjoy David Letterman's show when I still have a TV with me...

-adrian kohsf-

#4 so, so true. I remember the days of chem labs and really hot glassware.


# 4 is true, but you should add

4.5: hot glassware will behave strange when trying to quickly cool in cold water.


4. Hot glassware looks like cold glassware.