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Which programming language for bio-sci? - (Jul/12/2010 )

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use python ! perl

Then, if you want to do web stuff, play with Django - nicer than perl catalyst IMO.

perl is great but lack of easy use of objects is annoying (including moose)

I used perl - currently use python + django - scala/java and a little bit of clojure.

I would also suggets that you use Learning Perl - avoid the "* for bioinformatics" books because they don't teach you how to program.


I have been programing in Perl for about a year. My first programming language. I like it. However, I my computer friends recommend Python. It has cleaner syntax, should be easier to learn. However, it is not a big deal. Once you know one language, learning a second one is much easier if necessary. Perl is more common in bioinformatics and has a lot of available modules (programs that other wrote and publicly available). Enjoy it. It's very much fun.


If you are to learn Python, have a look at Bioinformatics Programming Using Python by Mitchell L. Model (from Oreilly).


I've used LISP to develop IA algorithms several years ago. Is it still in use?


Clojure is a lisp, it seems to be gaining popularity while dropping some (of(the parens)).


I think R language could be the one, It has a very powerful data mining engine, and this website could help you to start Also the book from the same author is awsome!

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