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Freelance writing - (Jun/28/2010 )

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone knew how to get into freelance scientific writing? I have tried googling but I dont trust the companies out there... I dont want to get stung by a scam.



What exactly do you mean?

You want to write a paper and then submit it or ?


I think Kami23 is referring to science "news and views" type articles that are published in journals like Science, Nature, etc., as well as science magazines for the general public, like Discover. It's a pretty competitive field (I used to be a self-employed writer).

The pay isn't great, but you may want to start as a copy editor for scientific journals in your area of expertise, who are always outsourcing these types of jobs. Then you can develop contacts within the company that will lead to other assignments.

In general, medical writing pays much better, so if you have a medical background, you could check into those types of jobs.