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Looking for papers on spectrophotometers/Absorbance - (Jun/09/2010 )

I'm looking for papers/book chapters that explain (clearly) what a spectrophotometer does and what usually absorbs light at what wavelenght. Even better if the paper tells you how to interpret data (like why is A260 < 0.5 better for DNA etc...).
Please please please, send me anything you have. I'll start from the beginning.

Thank you.



you might wanne check this website.
(click on whatever subject you want and be patient... sometimes it takes a while for a page to load since there are some applets installed (movies etc..)

Its a very nive website, written by a professor.


(HINT: you can email the author of the website..... with some luck he will be able to send you some relevant papers.....)

good luck with it.


Pito, You're DA MAN :P