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Looking for a scale with a 1mg increment - (Jun/03/2010 )

I would pay for it if it's below 100 bucks. Anyone??


you can check out harlow scientific for balances.


Thanks mdfenko. Here is the deal. Ordering is now a nightname here and it takes several MONTHS to get anything. Don't ask me why, it's a mystery to me.
So I decided to buy a balance with my own pennies because I need it yesterday :D ..those fancy things from harlow are wayyyyyyyyyyyyy beyond my budget.
I know I am over optimistic when thinking I could get a good scale for 100 bucks know...sometimes labs move or close and there are left overs :( ...
Nothing to lose by asking right?


here's one from cole-parmer (through amazon), that goes down to 5 mg, for ~$300.

symmetry ec ii

have you tried ebay?


or labexchange

or biosurplus
I guess there are other companies too...


Thanks a lot guys. I will definitively find something :) .
I love the surplus sites, I'm going to build my own lab in my garage... :P