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Are there any visiting scientists on this forum? - (Apr/18/2010 )


I want to know if there are any visiting scientists( specially from india ) on this forum. Basically I need guidance for this. If you have got some scientist position in india, can u apply for visiting scientists position abroad? I am not talking about sabbatical. If anyone here is doing something like this, please guide me.




Nobody is replying for my post :lol: .I guess I did not make it clear what I want to ask I thought may be I should try it again. What I really want to ask is that..after PhD we go for post doctoral positions. In my case after PhD I did Post doc only for some months, then worked for an industry and finally got a scientists position. But If I think about exposure and technical skills I still feel I missed something. That why I want to know Is It possible for me to apply for some visiting scientist position somewhere? Because I don't want to leave this I said its an independent and permanent position. But I want to develop my skills more. So what should I do now?

Any help would be appreciated :D




look for funding on a national level. If you have partners in Europe, there are lots of grants around to invite scientists. But it always depends on your field and your interests. I would advice you to talk to experienced people in funding agencies, those are usually the ones knowing best.