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are there any sci-writing/checking tools? - (Apr/09/2010 )

Dear all,

i was wondering if there are any scientific writing softwares or online tools, non-the-less english grammer correction tools avaible for free download.
any help inthis regards is appriciable.
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I'm not sure about online tools or apps, but when I'm confused. I just google.

For example you may enter the following search: "their vs there grammar" usually the top three results will be good enough to find your answer.


Oh, I have the same confusion,waiting for expert.


I would suggest a nice program called Ginger. I tink it for correction not deeply in gramatic but perfect for word editing and also sentence suggestion to avoid repeating words 

-Mohamed 1984-

I think for a really good grammar correction, the software is still not developed enough, as it don't understands the content and language is just too complex to consider all options. Anyway Office and it alternatives also try to correct grammar and also style issues. Not sure if this quite special scientific writing style is also considered there.

My approach is that I better ask a native speaker if I'm unsure, I look in papers how they formulated sentences (I know some scientists who collect such phrases and formulations in lists for later use). If you don't have this options, you can use also online fora (of course Bioforum; in Germany we have leo which is a dictionary with discussion forum for such problems where you get an answer very fast; perhaps for other languages something similar exists).

And finally online thesaurus or as a book, there are many possibilites in the web.