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fellowship for non-American students - (Mar/21/2010 )

Hey guys,
I am in a really bad financial crunch. And my school pays horribly bad considering the cost of living here (DC suburbs). I need some money now. But, every scholarship/fellowship available is open only for citizens (understandably). I've searched quite a bit and now getting more frustrated. Can anybody help me here? By the way, I work on developmental biology/cell biology and a first year PhD (with a MS from the same school I'm in now).
Thanks a lot!


how about a teaching assistantship? do they have any available? maybe you can be a tutor?


Thanks mdfenko! I do have a TA.. but need extra money (trust me! I'm not being greedy. I really need it)


then what about private tutoring?

you can set your own hours, teach as many as you need to make however much you need.

good tutors are in demand.

you can tutor high school as well as college.


A very stupid idea most likely, but dont you get paid to donate blood and/or semen in the USA?

I know it wont help much, but it might help just a bit to cover a few expenses.

In the long run its offcourse a good idea to get a stable income by eg. giving private lessons, tutoring like mdfenko says.


Thanks mdfenko and pito!