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Are YOU okay???? - You are not alone, someone cares (Mar/13/2010 )

Dear Friend:
With the recent and tragic events on the Cornell campus, I want to express some serious and heartfelt thoughts to any student out there going through tough times.

It has been a rough year, economic times have families and students stressed out to the max, finals are looming, grades may not be what you expect for yourself and you may even be failing. You feel unbearable pressure and isolated. You just can't find your smile or a reason to want to find it.

Maybe you don't feel you fit in with your classmates and that nobody sees or hears you and nobody understands.
Do you have the PI or lab mates from hell, but too much time and energy invested to switch?
Do you feel trapped with no options, that you can't stand one more minute?

Maybe you feel you can't cut it and that you're not smart enough to make it.
Maybe you feel rejected or ridiculed and don't know what to do, no matter what you try,
it doesn't seem good enough.
Maybe you've done something that you don't know how to make right.
Maybe someone has been cruel to you and hurt you or embarrassed you deeply.
Maybe you feel sad or angry all the time and just can't focus and nothing brings you joy.
Maybe you feel worthless or like a failure or that you'll never be good enough.

Does any of this sound familiar? If it does, it's because these are normal feelings that we all have experienced in times of tremendous pressure or during times of turmoil. All we want when we feel like this is to stop the pain, just make it stop.
It's OK! You are not alone.
Sometimes people feel so overwhelmed with these powerful feelings that they can't step back a minute and see that there is hope, see that there is a way to survive this.

Please, please, if you are experiencing any of these thoughts, reach out to someone, anyone, let someone know how upset you are, talk to someone.

There are 24/7 live people to talk to at most colleges that understand what you're going through.
If you live in a dorm and feel comfortable with your dorm resident supervisors, try them. If you don't feel comfortable with them please call one of these numbers, they are especially for students:

1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)

1-800-GRAD-HLP (1-800-472-3457)

1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433)

There are people that truly do understand and can really help. You are not alone and there are good people that really do care. If I could reach out and wrap you in a hug I would, but because I can't, I want you to call one of those numbers.

I Love YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so very precious!!!!!!!


hi Denny,

Welcome to the forum....thanks for the info and it's good that you posted the phone hotlines.....

and for the people who are troubled or feeling hopeless and powerless, really, you're not alone and we also have this venting subforum for R and R (rant and rave)...oftentimes, this helps to let off some steam...and there are also some members here who had experienced the same things and can probably give good counsel as well.......and now, time for some group hugs (only virtual, unfortunately :D)


Thanks for posting these, Denny.

-lab rat-

Silly question probably, but what happened at the Cornell campus ?


pito on Mar 14 2010, 12:38 PM said:

Silly question probably, but what happened at the Cornell campus ?

you can check out The Cornell Sun, pito....
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I found this. Here nothing was in the news...


Dear Friends,

The Cornell community has suffered many losses of life this academic year from H1N1, accidents, and recently from suicides. We lost two students to suicide last week alone, on the heels of a death under investigation last month and one in Oct. I'm refraining from explaining anything in great detail in the public forum so that the message doesn't get diluted.

Thank you all for your concern and help in reaching out to those in need.