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WhAt If ???!!! - ShArE ... (Jan/31/2010 )

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what if I can manage to screen out the lectins for my bacteria...?

-adrian kohsf-

perneseblue on Fri Jan 7 07:01:52 2011 said:

Sree80 on Fri Apr 9 12:57:14 2010 said:

What if we had an android robot who would do all the lab work, including extractions, make and run a gel, etc..

you loose your job. ha haha they will hire the robots that works 24hr

Actually there are automated system for sale that can do all your cloning. From restriction digest, to gel extraction, to ligation, to electroporation, to colony picking, to growing the culture, to plasmid selection by RE digest, to large scale plasmid purification.

Luckily for us, one robot arm cost $50,000 and the entire maze of machines needed to do all this cost several million. We keep our job be cause we are about two to three orders of a magnitude cheaper.

Oh we have plenty of robots and we use them daily for optimized high throughput stuff. I am doing research ie-testing new stuff (protocols, reagents). No robot for that. But I'm not fair there, I am a lab rat and love being at the bench. :D

Hb, you give me chills...
What if 2011 is the best year ever?
Oops, sorry, got carried away here :P

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