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Free SeqTools - (Dec/03/2009 )

Free SeqTools and lab management software available at

mLIMS - laboratory animal information management
BxSeqTools - sequence analysis and cloning software suite
BxOrders - group inventory management system
BxItems location and storage tracking by barcode
LabDOTS - laboratory daily operation tools

Improve lab communication, data sharing, and overall efficiency :)

-dnaphile- offers useful web-based analyses. However, it is only to USA users and will be expired soon (Feb. 2010)


Actually the site can be used globally since it is web-based. The site is English based, but can be customized upon purchase--they just had a request for use in Canada where they are willing to change currency from USD to CAD.

The only thing expiring in Feb. is the free 3 month account extension upon subscription.

They offer a free 30 day trial too without requirement of a credit card