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Bull.Eur.Ass.Fish.Path - who knows this magazine? (Dec/03/2009 )

Dear all,

I recently found a few papers that are very intersting for me from this journal, but I can not find the website of this journal nor find more info about it in general.

I thinks its a japanse based journal, maybe thats why I can not find more info on it.
I also think it changed name or doesnt exist anymore.

Has anyone here ever heard of it or know more about it?


Hi, I hadn't heard of the journal till now but a quick google search got me here:

not sure is what you want but looks pretty much like it: Bull.Eur.Ass.Fish.Path in google asked me if I was looking for: Bull.Eur.Assoc.Fish.Path
From that I thought that Eur.Assoc.Fish.Path would most probably be the European Association of Fish Pathology..... and the rest is on the website above.

hope is the one, it seems like they have all the publications on free access.

-almost a doctor-

almost a doctor,
you are 100%correct.

Thats the website I was looking for.
Wow, its time I get some sleep.
Silly me , that I couldnt figure that out.