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which evolved first: classical apoptosis or injury apoptosis death - (Oct/11/2009 )

I have to write a very short paper on the topic before Tuesday but I can't seem to find papers on the subject.
which evolved first, classical (developmental) apoptosis or injury on (try for regular apoptosis but ultimately fail)

-If you have any links or papers I would be very grateful
- i don't really have a position but I have an idea of what I could argue. To me it makes sense that necrotic injury developed first, just as result of coming in contact with injury. And because of it's consequences (such as inflammation) organisms evolved a better system => apoptosis.

At the same time, most cells try to go for apoptosis and if there's not enough energy they go the necrosis way, so necrosis could have evolved as a backbone, a safety net for apoptosis- just in case there's not enough energy. I understand my thoughts may just be circular reasoning.

PLEASE offer your insights.
Thank you


What about unicellular organisms that undergo apoptosis such as bacteria?


have a look at or and type in the keywords you want to find, you can search for reviews only and then make it more specific depending on what you're looking for.
you'll find way more literature than you can actually read.