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Wake up HEK 293 cells, Wed Jun 25 2003
Reviewed By: Maruf Ahmed
Cell stock wake up

15ml conical bottom tube
35-mm culture dishes

Culture Media
Dulbeccos Modified Eagles Medium (DMEM)
(medium is fortified with 10% FBS and antibiotic)


Cell stock tubes from liquid nitrogen store. Melt in water bath, take out when still some ice left. Take 15ml conical bottom tubes. Add 8ml culture medium into tubes. Put melted cell suspension into tubes. Centrifuge at 1000rpm, 5min.
Aspirate medium. Add 1ml culture medium
Mix by pipeting and gentle shaking. Take a 35mm collagen coated dish (HEK). Put 3ml (35-mm dish) culture medium into plates. Add cell suspension dropwise. Incubate at 37C.

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HEK 293 cell, Wed Jan 15 2003
Reviewed By: de Silva
Reviving of the 293 cells are not elicited properly, it would be great if it had more details

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