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Product Name GSK1904529A
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Product Description GSK1904529A, which potently inhibits IGF-IR (IC50= 27 nmol/L) and IR (IC50= 25 nmol/L) activities in vitro and in vivo, is a promising candidate for therapeutic use in solid and hematologic cancers. IC50s for GSK1904529A in tumor cell lines ranged from 35 nmol/L to>30 umol/L.The tumor histologic types showing the greatest sensitivity to this compound were EwingĄ¯s sarcoma and multiple myeloma, where IC50s in three of five EwingĄ¯s sarcoma cell lines were <100 nmol/L and IC50s in five of eight multiple myeloma cell lines were <200 nmol/L . Oral administration of GSK1904529A decreases the growth of human tumor xenografts in mice.
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Vendor Information Selleck
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