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Product Name BSI-201
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Product Description BSI-201 is a small molecule believed to achieve its anti-neoplastic effect by covalently binding and inhibiting PARP-1. When given as a single agent and in combination with other cytotoxic agents, BSI-201 is active against a broad range of cancer cells in culture, including drug resistant cell lines. [1] BSI-201 has first-in-class and best-in-class potential as targeted therapy for several types of cancer. BSI-201 has demonstrated activity in multiple types of solid tumors, with prolonged inhibition of its target. BSI-201 has shown a strong safety profile and no significant toxicities attributable to drug in studies of more than 200 patients treated to date with monotherapy, as well as in combination with chemotherapeutic regimens.
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Vendor Information Selleck
2626 South Loop West, Suite 225, Houston, TX 77054 USA