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MSP question - (Sep/26/2005 )

Quick question. I had ordered MSP primers a while back before I decided to switch to BSP and just recently decided to try them. The problem that I am running into is that I don't think I used enough of my limited initial template (15 ng) and did not yield any bands on my methylated and non-methylated controls in one round of PCR.

As I no longer have more of the bisulfite treated samples is it experimentally sound to reamplify my first round products with the same msp primers? or would I likely run into artifact issues? I could always design the MSP to be off a nested 2 round PCR, but as I am just doing this out of curiosity I don't think it to be worth the effort.



Hi CW,

Do you mean you want to reamplify your MSP or USP product with the same primer pair as the first round PCR?

I don't see anything wrong if the amplification is still in linear range.