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PHP/MySQL software for lab management - inventory, stocks and records, ordering - (Sep/23/2005 )

One may be interested in checking these two PHP/MySQL-based software forlab management - inventory, stocks and records, ordering, etc. (free)

1. LabStore

LabStoRe is a web-based (XHTML compatible) inventory system for a typical biomedical research laboratory. This software provides a way to collect, maintain, present and archive information on laboratory stocks, such as antibodies, plasmids, chemical reagents, cell lines, etc., and records. A laboratory with a good inventory, or better, information system, saves time, reduces errors, prevents wastage, and occasionally even provides insights. The interface to this system is web-based, making it conveniently accessible and even though it is web-based, embedded security measures make it secure. Being PHP/MySQL-based, the system is very flexible (imagine making Excel behave in a way that you want). The database (MySQL-based) is kept separate from the interface (web, i.e., PHP/HTML-based), which gives it a significant advantage over, say, an Excel- or Filemaker-based system. MySQL and PHP are very stable, widely-used and supported (and free) platforms. If required, the database can be exported for use in more-traditional application based systems (Excel, Access, Filemaker, etc.).

2. OrderSys

OrderSys is a 'shopping cart' system developed in a biomedical research laboratory for day to day use by members of the laboratory. The laboratory places order through a central office for items from many different vendors. The details on the items and the vendors are stored in OrderSys, and that allows the users to quickly select items they wish to order. An order form is then generated for passing on to the office. Past orders are stored too in the system and one can follow up on placed orders. OrderSys is highly customizable and can easily be used in other settings. IP-based access-restriction options are provided. The script can be customized easily with some knowledge of PHP and MySQL.


Thanks for the info - I've been thinking about ways to better the inventory system for our lab and this just might be the ticket.


If it would only use a standard sql file so I can use it on my Mac *sigh*

Oh well, maybe I should ask one of the real geeks to produce a system for me... with emphasis on 'real' for my geekiness is only limited to natural sciences, not computers.