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Tissue culture -Tips - (Sep/16/2005 )

Which one is easy to culture in vitro
plant tissue /animal
Also suggest some protocol
for contamination free culture


maybe if you could be more specific and could describe your problem a little more detailed, someone around here will surely be able to help you.

Basically both "types" of cell culture are more or less easy and at the same time complicated.... you need special media, incubators for stable browth conditions, devices, etc... for both cell cultures.

"contamination free culture" can be achied only by (very very) careful handling of your culture, preperation of media, keeping incubators clean, etc....



I would add, that it is very difficult to achieve a pure and clean tissue culture if you don't have someone who can show you...there are so many little things to know, I don't know a written protocol that is any more than a guideline for people who have already been shown the basics. your best bet would be to 'look over the shoulder' of someone experienced at tissue culture to learn how to maintain culture integrity

there are many books and protocols out there for working with specific cell types


I agree: it is very difficult to learn how to work correctly if you don't have someone on your side!!!
Sometimes it is hard to achieve the necessary "sensibility" to work with tissue culture. sad.gif

Just a suggestion: do not underrate routine work!!! You have to be always focused on what you are doing!!!
It is my opinion that there are no valuable final results without a good routine work...


Personally, I've had better luck with Plant micropropogation, than Animal. Contamination rates were much larger in Animal.


QUOTE (amty @ Sep 17 2005, 08:26 AM)
Which one is easy to culture in vitro
plant tissue /animal
Also suggest some protocol
for contamination free culture

Get someone to show you what to do.

Spray everything going into the hood, don't touch anything with anything else unless you really, really need to, don't pass anything over open cell flasks, take care about where you place things in the hood so as not to obtruct air-flow, develop obsessive-compulsive disorder when it comes to cleanliness and above all, get someone to show you what to do.

And even then, there's a good chance of contamination. If you're trying to learn this on your own from advice given here you will fail. Oh, and get someone to show you what to do.


In my experience (very little on regenerating banana tissue during my master's thesis and a lot on mammalian cell culture afterwards) plants are easiers. You have to work equally sterile, but you can leave them and grow on your broth for 2 weeks without doing anything special, whereas for mammalian cells, they need more handling (trypsinisation, spinning down, ...) so there's more chance for contamination.