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equine fibroblast culture - (Sep/15/2005 )

unsure.gif I am a new member who has some ear tissue on a horse that just recently passed awasy I have the cells in saline and I need to grow them in a culture so I need to know what I need and what I have to do and where I buy what I need. Thanks in advance.[FONT=Times][SIZE=7][COLOR=blue]


you took a horse's ear and put it in saline and you want to culture the cells?? what type of cells? epithelials? blood cells? is there some sort of tumor growing on the ear you want to culture?

all I can say is you'd better move quickly or the cells will croak blink.gif


oh, hey, sorry you said fibroblasts

i forget to read the subject line

i have a method for culturing keratinocytes, I found it doing a literature search on pubmed and pulling up a couple papers for their methods

-scrape off all the gunk
-enymatically separate the layers
-toss it in a culture dish

as for where to get a specific protocol, I bet you'll have to go the literature