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disadvantages of soft agar assay - (Sep/14/2005 )

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But for doing what Theo22 is telling you need a microscope inside your hood. Even if you have that facility, picking colonies from soft agar would be quite tricky and clumsy. You can use cut tips for convinience.


it's all good, divinite; I don't offend easily

I have limited experience with fibroblasts...I mostly work with NHEK cells, but nothing with soft agar



No, I have done that. That is the least of the problems. One can just use a regular P200 tip. when you look through the microscope and when you are close enough, you can see the tip and the colony you want to pick in the same focus. And when you become good at it, you can even see the colony being sucked into the tip. The problem is getting them to grow when you transfer them into liquid media.


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