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background in western - very strange stripes ?! - (Sep/13/2005 )

I'm doing western blot of bcl-6 with a Santa Cruz antibody:
SDS, then blotting 2h 50V, blocking o/n, pierce femto kit (chemoluminescent detection)

Strangly i'm getting vertical stripes in all lanes (including the marker lanes!)
Never saw that before!

Intensity is as strong as the rest of the bands, but the stripes are localized specially at the borders of the membrane.

Is there a possibility to get rid of them?

Thanx Miri


Do you see this with ponceau staining also?


No, its not visible on gel (we use Coomassie blue staining), the gel looks quite normal
but at the end - after exposition of the HCL film - the strange stripes appear

I thought that could result from not sheared dna (during extract production), but it doesnt explain the stripes in the marker lanes
And if it's an antibody problem i don't know why the stripes just appear at the borders of the membrane

What do u think?