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HeLa in suspension culture - I want to keep HeLa cells in suspension culture (Sep/09/2005 )

I want to keep HeLa cells in suspension culture. I already found out that this is possible and people culture them in spinner flasks. Has anyone experiences with this?! Is it necessary to treat flasks with silicone to prevent cell attachment? And if yes what chemical do you use, are there alternatives?
For my experiment I would need about 1l of culture.
Any other tricks and hints?!
More than happy about any suggestion!!!! biggrin.gif
Many thanks in advance!!


i did culture a few cell lines in suspension. to do this, you could just coat your dish or flask with 0.5-1% agarose ( dissolve in ddH2O containing FBS or not), which will make sure no attachment of your cells to the bottom of the dish or flask. it's what i found after the failure with ultra-low attachment dish from CORNING. good luck.


rolleyes.gif Thank you!!!!! for your reply.