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Genomic DNA on agarose gel - two bands of genomic DNA on agarose gel (Sep/09/2005 )

Hallo ,

i have two questions to know.

1----. i am working with honeybee DNA . i isolated DNA with phenol, cholorform/isoamyl alcohol. when i loaded the Extracted DNA directly on gel. i got two bands. one is exactly indicating the presence of DNA (above than 10KB) but other clear band was in the range of markers.
when i did PCR, i also loaded GenomicDNA with PCR product. again i got the two bands from genomic DNA, approximately in the same range as my PCR band. can any body explain

2----- can any body suggest me a protocol for RNA extraction from honey bee with phenol and chloroform. i want to run RT-PCR

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The RNA extraction should be similar to insect.
Trizol is the one of the most common RNA extraction reagents and is able to extract RNA from Fruitfly.
I think Trizol should be able to extract RNA from honeybee too.

You can check the specific protocol from the supplier.



i extracted RNA from honey bee with TRIZol . but i found a brownish color of pellet. is it ok or some thing wrong.