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Is there a program for finding secondary strutural RNA elements? - finding secondary strutural RNA elements (Sep/06/2005 )

Hello anyone,

I want to find secondary strutural elements in a mfold output file.
Is their a program that can convert e.q ct-file in a list of strutural elements.
Not just a RNA struture Viewer.




maybe mfold software can help you :

extract :
Michael Zuker, professor of mathematical sciences, develops tools for predicting the secondary structure of RNA and DNA, mainly by using thermodynamic methods.


* RNA Folding
* DNA Folding
* Nucleic Acid Quikfold
Fold many RNA or DNA sequences at once. Simple output.
* Zipfold server
Minimum free energies only for many RNA or DNA sequences.
* Tm server
Compute minimum folding energies and Tm only for many RNA or DNA sequences.
* 2-state hybridization server
Compute free energy and Tm for the hybridization of two RNA or DNA sequences.
* Free Energy Determination
Given a secondary structure, compute its free energy.


Try this: