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primary culture transfection problems - any transfection methods on primary granulosa cell (Sep/02/2005 )

I am trying transfect primary granulosa cell but failed. I tried different liposome reagents like lipofectamine 2000, Effectene, Metafectene, seems none of them works.
SO does anybody here have experience transfecting primary culture granulosa cell? OR any comments on transfection? OR I have to tranfer to adenovirus which is reported more efficient than other methods.


We have found, through many primary cell transfection such as neurons, islet cells, cardiomyocytes, stem cells.., that the most effective liposome-dependent reagent is Gencarrier-2. It outperforms those reagents like lipo2000, fugene, effectene, genejuice, superfect, efficiency, toxicity and price. If gencarrier-2 doesn't work in your cells, switch to mechanical (electroporation, nucleofection) or viral means (lenti, adeno).