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ATCC cell lines - How is your experience? (Aug/31/2005 )

Hello all,

We are facing problems with ATCC cultures. In last 6 months time, we procured 3 cell lines from ATCC. The viability of cultures at the time of revival was very poor (less than 5%). Some how we mange to establish the cell lines in our facilty with few viable cells.

This happens despite the fact that we strictly follow ATCC recommendations for handling cultures.

I want to know if other users are also facing similar problems, and if others are procuring cultures from other reliable sources.

Pls share your experiences with ATCC cultures.



I have used an ATCC cell line for a year and a half. Overall my experience is fine, the treatment and frezing/thawing proceedures recomended have worked fine. At some point we changed the flasks from Sarstedt to Nunc, because we were told they were a better quality, but then the cells slowed down and were allmost impossible to trypsinate. They adhered to the flasks. After going back to Sarstedt... no problem.

Also, after reading some more I have found that the granulae I see in my cells are a sign that they are unhealthy. I posted a question yesterday, since I cant find much information about this.

I have never used antibiotics or fungicides in my medium and never saw contamination. We did change the fomula a bit from the recomended, you can write me and get the details if you like!