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growing hybridomas - (Aug/31/2005 )

Hi, everyone,
I need to thaw G410 antiphospho-Tyr hybridomas. We have them in liq. N2 in the lab, but no one actually knows what are the unique specifications for growing hybridomas. Is there anything I need to know? special medium? special thawing? anything?
hope anyone can help


Hybridomas are normaly grown in RPMI medium. At the beginning add 20% FCS to RPMI, after cells are adnated well you can reduce to 10 %FCS.
Hybridomas should be sown relativly dense and you should not split them more than 1:10, better 1:3 or 1:5.
Hint: make a dilution series when thawing cells (dense, medium and few concerning cell density). --> see what's the best for your cells.
If you know the clone of your cell line,
have relativly good descriptions of how to grow cells (medium and reculturing)!
regards miu