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need help on learning cell and tissue culturing - (Aug/30/2005 )

Hi everyone,

I wish to learn about cell and tissue culturing and detailed protocol of it. Can anyone provide or recommend any websites or journal articles to me for reference? Thank you so much and really appreciate your helps.




Just to now I have founded this,

maybe somebody could add some other interesting links ? I am also very interested


A great text with all the protocols and recipies you'd need is Freshney's 'Culture of Animal Cells: A Manual of Basic Technique'. Its the best text I've seen on the subject, and I used it extensively when starting out.


Here is a list of useful websites, if you need information about cell lines charachteristics:

...and here is a list of recommended sites about various topics:

I also suggest you to take a look here:

Enjoy! wink.gif


Hi everyone:

I think this website is usefull since u can see a video concerning cell culture technique

Best regards smile.gif smile.gif


The Current Protocols series is good for an overview of most techniques, here is the link for cell culture:


Did U try this, is the mother page of this forum, but nobody put if first... smile.gif