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Peroxisome vs Mitochondria - Peroxisome vs Mitochondria (Aug/18/2005 )

Could you tell me the differece of Peroxisome vs Mitochondria?
It also helps me a lot if you could give me suggestions on good reference paper or text.


Peroxisome is very much different from Mitochondria. Mitochondria is a respiratory organnel. Peroxisome removes toxic substance.

Mito - double membraned
Pero - single

Mito - Respiratory enzymes
pero - hydrolytic


Another nice way to find more information about peroxisomes is to look it up on wikipedia. I'm currently working on a report about peroxisomes and i found it a great help.


may be you mean chemical reactions in these two..oxidation maybe!


Mitochondria have their own (haploid) DNA, peroxisomes not. I learned that mitos are very probably former bacteria, i.e. absorbed microorganisms that lived in symbiosis/parasitism and completely gave up to live as own organism and therefore lost many of its abilities and functions (except necessary ones for both organisms). Hence double layer membrane and own DNA.
I don't know if this theory is now more or less proven or even rejected??


based on this ...are peroxisomes organelles like mitochondria?


some reference about mitochondria and peroxysomes


QUOTE (fred_33 @ Nov 28 2006, 07:29 AM)
some reference about mitochondria and peroxysomes

we get penalised this year on our lab reports if we use wikipedia haha..


errr don't do a simple copy/paste...
moreover wiki is a starting material and frequently redirect to other references...
i admit that "wikipedia" in bilbiography is not actually well ranked.