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interesting flower - plant methylation (Aug/14/2005 )

Who can help me explain this phenomenon by DNA methylation
(no photoshop here. I am sure)
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i learn a bit about DNA methylation. but I don't know how the colour of the flower has to do with DNA methylation.

mothorc, could you tell me other phenotypic difference in plants that have to do with DNA methylation. I learn that DNA methylation is involve in epigenetics inehritance (there is a change in the genotype but not in the phenotype). am I right?


wow!! that's cool!!


The gene that produces the yellow pigment is inactivated early in the development of the flower by methylation of the promoter. The progeny of this cell inherit the white phenotype (or vice versa). The methylation must have occured very early in the development of the flower to have this 50/50 effect.


Yes, it is in epigenetics inheritance. But I don't know anything more about epigenetic. It is out of my field.
But If you are interested in, I think I can find some information that good for you.
If ajames is right, the frequency of this kind of flower is very low.
I don't know why it is often 50/50 (show in an article) but not 20/75 ect.