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PhD opportunities - in the field of microbial ecology (Aug/14/2005 )

I'm currently finishing off my masters degree in microbiology and I'm searching for a PhD program in the field of microbial ecology. Can anyone recommed a GOOD university/lab in the states/canada/uk. Which exams will I need to take in order to apply to universities in North America. Do they all require GRE subject? When should I apply to these universities?

Thanks in advance.



I am in a similar situation and maybe I can help you a bit. So far as I know, you don't need to take the GRE or the subject GRE for Canadian universities. For the US, you do need to take the GRE and depending on the university, the subject GRE as well. You should check out their application requirements for grad school. In any case you need to have a proof of your English language skills. There are some tests such as the TOEFL test. You also need to have letters of recommendations and if possible, funding (these are just a few things...).

In terms of application deadlines: for the US it's usually at the end of the year, in Canada it's a bit later (February I think). It probably varies from university to university.

I cannot speak for grad schools in the UK.

If you need some recommendations for good grad schools in microbial ecology, I would ask your supervisor first. He/she is in the field and may be able to give you some advise. Also, you could check out paper published in your field of expertise - so you could get an idea who is doing what and where.

Good luck!


Look at the literature. Find papers that interest you, and figure out where the authors are from. Email them. Ask them this question. This will tell you more than going just on the reputation of the schools or random comments from people like me.


You should visit either the Amercian society for Microbiology or the Canadian Society of microbiologist. They often have posting for PhD. opportunity
this is an example.

Once you find a project that interest you, it easier to see if the university has a good program, the test that are required and the application deadline. In Canada, the application deadline vary from departments and university but usually for canadians applicant, the application deadlines are mid october for starting in january, mid february for starting in may and early may/june for starting in september. For international applicants, the dealines tend to be earlier than those mention above.


Thanks guys for the helpful information!!!