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Stable transfection of S2R+ and Clone8 cells - (Aug/10/2005 )

I'm planning a transfection of S2R+ and Clone8 cells (both Drosophila cells) to establish a stable cell line. The pMK33 vector (this vector has already a hyromycin resistance) is obviously a common vector for this procedure (used in most publications). Does anybody know where I can find or order this vector?


Hi, I am sorry that I won't be able to answer your query. I was just wondering whether I can ask you a question. I am using Drosophila S2 cells as well. I have them in 2 flasks - one with fetal calf serum and another is without. For the without serum culture, the cells tend to stick to the bottom. They are suspension cells, if they stick to the bottom, does it mean they are dead? And the cells in the medium with serum tend to clump together, are they getting too crowded and is that why they clump up. Thank you and your help is much appreciated.

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