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Recipe for MM1 media - (Aug/08/2005 )

can anyone give the recipe for MM1 media??? I find various media compositions when went for search in the net with the term `MM1 composition´.. am a bit confused!!!


"...4 liters of freshly prepared MM1 minimal medium (containing 6.56 g KH2PO4, 30.96 g Na2HPO4, 0.41 g MgSO4 Ă— 7 H2O, 0.088 g ferric citrate, 10 g glucose, 0.1 g L-leucine, 0.1 g L-isoleucine, 0.1 g L-valine, 0.1 g L-methionine, 0.1 g L-arginine, 0.1 g L-cysteine, 0.1 g L-glutamine, 0.5 mg riboflavin, 1 mg thiamin, 0.5 mg D-biotin, and 0.005 mg alpha -lipoic acid)"

J. Biol. Chem., Vol. 276, Issue 43, 40096-40103, October 26, 2001

That looks like a mess to make, but I hope it helps!


hai hank,
thanks for ur information..ofcourse thats a messy composition..does not look like the name suits it.. biggrin.gif

have a nice day!