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other methods for the detection of antigens - (Aug/07/2005 )

hi everyone,
as part of my assignment at grad skul, since i am new to immunology, i just want to ask about other techniques, or tests that i can use for the detection of antigens?

thank you



The best method for antigen detection is ELISA. For protocol there r plenty of websites available. Also u can use Westorn blotting .

good luck


Depends upon the ag. Small molecules; ie drugs (NIDA 5; for example) are required by law to be confirmed by GC MS(by FAA, DoT, etc)

hCG original test was with live animals.

Receptor assays for tumor markers (ie breast ca; ERA, PRA)

Many others.


surface plasmon resonance



analysis of gene expression libraries with patients sera will give you ideas of up to date unkown antigens.