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Polyacrilamide Gel - (Aug/06/2005 )

I face a problem everytime I make a polyacrilamide gel. Actually I am running DGGE. When I take out comb most of the lanes get distorted. It interferes the banding patterns of DNA after I run the gel. Is there anyway I can avoid thisa problem? I will appreciate any suggestions.


wait more before putting out the comb. You can also separate gently te comb from the glass and put running buffer in it.


We also have this problem with collapsing wells, we have started taking the comb out before heating the gel washing the wells out and loading it straight away, running the samples just into the gel stopping the run let the tank heat up and proceed with the run as normal. Our problem at the minute is that the power pack keeps cutting out on the runs we have tried several power packs is this happening to any one else? Any suggestions? sad.gif