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agrose Vs. PAGE - (Aug/05/2005 )

usually when we use agrose electrophoresis when use PAGE?
If we can control the size of the pores of both, then we can applt tgen to any protein or DNA.

Then why mostly we use PAGE to seperate ?


proteins are separated on PAGE gels (1d; 2d, PFGE...)
DNA are normally separated on agarose gels.
But yes it's feasible to separate on PAGE, for DNA or RNA.
But as agarose gel is easy to use and as you can put BET directly in the gel, that's easier. (for PAGE you need to inubate in BET solution. Moreover, in order to check the separation process, by agarose gel you can take a picture, run again.... take an other picture,....

Second point, PAGE gels are more precise as agarose gels. You can do a sequence "old fashion" with PAGE and that's impossible with agarose gel. You an also easy set up an electrophoresis to separate the small fragments of RNA/DNA with PA, but if agarose was used you'd need in this case a 10% agarose or a 1meter gel !!! wacko.gif
ok let's breathe again welcome on earth. smile.gif
Proteins : PA
DNA low resolution : agarose
Precision : PA >> agarose
Easy to check migration : agarose only


Do you know about starch as a gelling agent in electrophorensis.
How about the fomula.


many thx to fred.
very clear~