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DNA extraction from dead leaf - DNA extraction from dead leaf (Aug/03/2005 )

Has anybody got any advice for extracting DNA from dead plant material?? I'm trying to get DNA from ash seeds that were turning yellow and brown when they were collected. I've used CTAB but the recovery rates are very poor, and I don't have the funding to use kits. PLEASE HELP!!



I am not sure, but check out the posts in the "RNA Stability" question posed in this forum. Someone (can't remember who) has done DNA extraction from dead tissue samples - you could try sending them a message. I think that they were using a kit, but they could send you in the right direction.

Good luck!



Be patient
In spite of low DNA content, CTAB is good for hight quality DNA. But the protocol must be in short time.
And when you get your protocol with CTAB, it will be the golden key for all explant. wink.gif