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Bioruptor for sonication in mammalian cells - (Aug/02/2005 )

Hi guys,

thanks for the responses earlier. here is another question...

Has anyone used BioRuptor sonicator on mammalian cells for ChIP assays?

the settings on it are a bit different than mentioned here, was wondering if anyone can recommend some starting parameters?


Medea mellow.gif



I think the safest way to move forward is for you to optimise conditions for sonication yourself, that way you wil know for sure that the chromatin was sheared properly for IP. It is better than relying on someone elses settings (which may be incorrect), doing the IP for it not to work and then you go back and find the chromatin was not sheared properly.

Speaking from experience I think you will save time by optimising your sonicator for your conditions.

Good luck!



Hi Medea,

I've done it in U2OS cells and I used 30 sec on 30 sec off (in the special eppendorf-like sonication tubes the suppliers sell) for 8 min on high. It works very well!

Wish you good luck!