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How does sodium thiosulphate affect yeast?? - Yeast mutagenesis (Jul/27/2005 )

Hi there!!

I've been doing some yeast mutagenesis using EMS followed by quenching with 5% sodium thiosulphate.

However, when we culture these mutated guys, they come out rather smelly (sulphorous smell, probably from the quenching agent). But I was wondering if anyone knew if this agent had an effect on yeast growth or particularly on the yeast cell wall balance/composition?! I've tried getting rid of the quenching agent by centrifugation, but the yeast don't appear to pellet easily.

Any tips or helpful facts would be muchly appreciated!!

Ciao for now,



a colleague uses this protocol and it works well for him. The survivability of the treated yeast is quite little less as untreted but his exp are ok.