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plating efficiency for transfection - (Jul/19/2005 )

I have to find the plating efficiency for my cell line before I transfect it so I know how many cells to plate per well and how many 96 well plates to use when I select clones. I followed a procedure by plating 1,10, and 100 cells/well in 96 plates and used a the Poisson distribution formula to determine the PE but I really don't know what the PE really means.

THe formula is (-ln(fraction of negative cells))/ total cells per well = PE

What does this really tell me?

Also, these are suspension cells and there is so little information on them


i'm not sure of it but...
Assuming your cells attach in 6hours : PE should be the proportion of cells that became adherent in these 6h regarding the total number of cells you platted... blink.gif