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Plant Growth Experiment - (Jul/18/2005 )

HI. I am doing an experiment on which plants will grow faster with different types of fertilizer. I would like to know what kinds of fertilizers are there? What kind of fertilizer will make the plant grow at its fastest rate and why? Thank you


We must device your plant life to 5 statement:(with ratio N:P:K)
1\seed: no fertizer (high concentration of ion make water move out from inside and it can't germinate)
2\After flowing(flower off): N>P,K. high Nitrogen for refresh tree after flowing and for new development.
3\Early Flowering: high Nitrogen will make flower off we need a lot of P and K, less N but still have.
4\Flower blooming: less N and P, more K
5\"sleeping" statement: less water or fertilizer if you want to see the next flowerseason
so the fertizer you need is N>P,K. (like N:P:K 30:10:10 or 60:10:10)
Hope it is useful for you



I agree with mothorc.

There are some comercial mix of fertilizer with a "normal" composition N-P-K-Ca-Mg-Mn-Zn-Cu-B, you can use this mix and complement with individual fertilizers... if you want faster growth you can use any nitrogen based fertilizer like amonio, or nitrate.

Avoid put more than 500ppm of nitrogen.

Which plant you are using?



Hey, we can use these fertize to make plant tissue culture medium,
1g NPK 20:20:20+1g NPK 6.5:4.5:19+ 20 g sucrose or rice fermented, tap water.(children can do at home) rolleyes.gif
This is protocol for produce a lot of plant in vitro.


hi. i'm new to this forum. does anyone here know anything about Phyllanthus niruri? I'm working on a project about extraction the metabolite of Phyllanthus niruri from its callus and cell suspension. I'm really glad to hear from you.