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amount of DNA after Chip - (Jul/15/2005 )

Hi, does anybody messure the DNA after Elution of the Chip DNA? What is the usual "amount" of DNA one would get out, with a general antibody. I just wondered whether I have to scale up, or whether I donĀ“t get enough out and have to improve the protocol as I perform it. I do get around 100ng out with a general Histone antibody. Thanks, Andi


hi Tatti,

that depends on the downstream application of your IP DNA, if you are doing conventional ChIP-PCR then it should be enough to get some results, if you are looking at interrogating your IP on an array of some sort, then it may not be enough, we routinely enrich our IP DNA traditionally by DOP PCR, but have adopted a Ligation mediated (LM-PCR) PCR to obtain enough for microarray interrogation.

Good Luck