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Virus plaque assay for VSV - Protocol (Jul/11/2005 )

Hi everyone, I am looking for a protocol for a virus plaque assay to know the concentration of my VSV stock. Someone can help me?

Tanks a lot!



Not having a lot of practice in virology, I can only give you a quick rundown of a protocol I used for quantitating the pfu of virus stock once.

Set up monolayers of BGMK (blue-green monkey kidney).
Remove medium and wash cells.
Infect with various dilutions of your stock.
Incubate for a few minutes to allow infection.
Remove viral suspension, wash cells, add new medium.

The idea is pretty simple and comparable to a bacterial plaque assay. You basically infect the cells, remove residual virus, then grow the monolayers until clear plaques develop. You can then count the plaques, and using the dilutions make a determination of the pfu/ml.

Hope this can help you some, its not perfect for what you need I'm sure, but it can give you a good idea of what you need to do I hope.