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Cell adhesion assays/protocols - Any suggestions? (Jul/09/2005 )

I want to study the adhesion of one population of cells (normally suspension) to another (adherent monolayer population). What assays can I use to evaluate adhesion? I will be doing several manipulations of the suspension cells and want to test adhesion before (usually minimal) and after (potentially extensive).

Thanks in advance for any ideas.


bump, any idea?


QUOTE (MaximinaNYC @ Jul 16 2005, 03:46 AM)
bump, any idea?

you could look cytoskeleton organization by rhodamine-phalloidin, if your cells have different morphology and you can distinguish them. Sometimes it is very informative method

good results)))))


Thank you I will try it but what would you expect to see with such a method on suspension cells. Can I label them prior to adhesion so to distinguish the cell populations?


A classic adhesion assay involves labelling your suspension cells with Chromium 51 allowing them to adhere, wash off the non adherent with PBS then solubulise and count in a scintilation counter. This method has been very widely used to look at heamopoetic cells adhereing to fibroblasts or matrix proteins and can be performed in 96 well plates.


Thank you ajames, this is exactly what I need to point me in the right direction. THANKS! biggrin.gif