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Rack for cryopreservation - Question regarding racks for cryopreservation (Jul/08/2005 )

I have a 20L Nitrogen dewer and I wanted to know what kind of rack is most suitable for storing vials. The dewer I have has the cylindrical containers and I am not sure how to store cells in nitrogen in these containers.I was told I should use racks but what kind of racks should I use for the 20L dewer.

Thanks in advance



Do you have a picture of your system? I would probably check with the manufacturer and buy the ones they recommend. However, from your description I think these cryo canes are the type of things are what you might need:

They are long tube holders which normally hold 5-6 tubes each and you can normally fit ~20 of them in each cylindrical container. They also can come with plastic sleeves to protect your vials. You can buy them from VWR also.