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What is the pupose of phosphorylating glucose in cytosol? - (Jul/08/2005 )

hey... there are tree possibilities:

1) to trap glucose in cell
2) destabilize glucose
3) convert it into a better soluble form...

who knows the answer ???

thx wink.gif



here's what i think (but not the very truth)...
glucose_6_phosphate is a reactionnal intermediate of many biochemical reactions in the cells, and belongs to various procceses. Hence, instead of starting these reactions by phosphorylationg the glucose you get directly your G6P from the stock.
Second idea is that a phosphate residue is less reactive than an alcoholic function (here im asking for a better chemist than myself) and it's quite a protective procedure for the cells...


The first step with glycolysis (we start with glucose) is to absorb glucose through a channel use ATP by phosphorylation substace at C6. With follow steps or with other carbohydrate, ATP also be used to phosphorylation for energy.