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Please help! Transport of mouse splenocytes - (Jul/07/2005 )

Hi there!

I have to transport some isolated mouse splenocytes from one lab to another. The transport is about 2 hours. What is best, to transport the cells on ice or at rt? The cells will be in Falcon tubes with RPMI



can you separate your cells in two samples, one at RT and the other one in plenty of ice?


wee sometimes keep isolated mouse splenocytes at 30°- 35°C in RPMI for 2 or 3 hours. transport should be able unde that conditions, too. Ah, bur keep in mind tah some immunecells (as makophages ) can and will adhere to plasic sufaces if given the time... so, if makrophages interest you, watch out, if not, then everything should be fine.



Ice should work, I do a bunch of assays on isolated mouse splenocytes and sometimes it takes several hours before I am ready to replate. In that time, they are always kept on ice and they are just fine.


I agree with maximina. I would transport the cells in ICE. Not a very good idea to keep them at RT for a long time.


Thank you very much - I will go for ice