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Urea Estimation from Leaf extracts of plants - Urea estimation from plants (Jul/06/2005 )

I am working on some plant transformation related work and i would be happy if anyone can suggest me the protocol for estimation of urea from leaves of plants.

Pls. do provide some related research articles where they have performed urea estimation in plants from the leaves.

Hope someone of you could really help me in this regard.

You can also mail me to my email id:

Expecting a favouable reply regarding the same.


This protocol seem too simple.
1- you must have neutral phormone (HCHO pH 7)
2-Reaction formula 1:
2(NH4)CO3 (a mol) + 6 HCHO --> (CH2)6N4 (hexamethylene tetramin) + 6H2O + 2H2CO3 (a mol)
2-Reaction formula 2:
H2CO3 ( a mol) + 2NaOH ( 2a mol) --phenolphtalein--> Na2CO3 + 2H2O
Hope it is useful for you.