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HeLa confluency - (Jul/01/2005 )

i realize this is kind of objective and difficult to answer, but i was just wondering if anybody out there had a good guess as to how many HeLa cells were on a 100% confluent 100mm plate (though any size would do). my guess would be between 750,000 to 2 million? depending on how dense they get.

what would you think 70% would be? does anyone have any numbers for plates that were counted/sorted connecting confluency with count?


i usually work with T75 and when Hela becomes really confluent, there are more than 7million. i also work with 100mm dish and there are about 4-5million hela cells in each when they become confluent. usually a 150mm dish can contain 10-15million of hela cells.


wow. thanks. way more than i thought.


The problem is there is no criteria how confluent is 100% confluency. Cells can be over-confluent (>100%).